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          We at Canadian Pros Painting are a Calgary based painting company that offers various painting services such as industrial painting, commercial painting and residential painting. We have been our industry’s top painting company in Alberta since 2010. Our Grande Prairie Painting team has worked with many home and business owners across Alberta in cities such as Grande Prairie, Rycroft, Clairmont, Wembley, Grande Cache, Valleyview, Fox Creek, Fairview and many other surrounding towns. We continuously make an effort to reinforce our health and safety while we develop our painting craft. Through our process, we have been able to maintain zero work place accidents and zero negative reviews from our clients.

          As a professional painting company, we have been able to provide home and business owners high quality painting solution that is affordable no matter the complexity or the size of the project. With the various styles of homes and businesses, our company is able to provide solutions that are sensitive both in modern and traditional solutions. Our contractors provide the type of solution that we would use no different for our own painting projects. We have painters that work around the clock and with minimal disturbance so we do not interrupt any daily operations and can stay within budget and on schedule.

          Our friendly staff is transparent and ready to help you on your next project. If you would like to reach us for a free estimate you can visit our quote & contact page. There, we can help provide solutions that are exactly what you’re looking for. If you would like to see some of our previous projects, please visit our portfolio.

          Get In Touch

          Sandblasting job sizes MUST be a minimum of $900.
          We do not accept marketing inquiries!

          Who we are

          Grande Prairie Industrial Painting

          Our industrial grade painting solutions have allowed projects to be brighter, cleaner and keep surfaces protected and durable.... Read more

          Grande Prairie Commercial Painting

          We provide high quality commercial painting solutions that are not only affordable but are durable and visually pleasing.... Read more

          Grande Prairie Residential Painting

          Our residential painting services have always been a popular service provided since 2010 because of the affordable and high quality painting solution.... Read more

          Grande Prairie Epoxy Floor Coatings

          An epoxy floor coating can be a low maintenance, affordable and durable solution you might be looking into for a brighter and cleaner floor.... Read more

          Grande Prairie Sandblasting

          We have had sandblasting solutions completed in industrial, commercial and residential spaces on surfaces like concrete, metal, steel and iron.... Read more

          Quote & Contact

          The Grande Prairie Painting contractor’s friendly attitude and genuine concern will prove to deliver excellent customer service to all our clients. ... Read more